Words can start a war, they can start a family. And there is power of one word that can change everything. And every human on this planet knows this word - HELLO.

The concept of first capsule collection BE KIND + SAY HELLO started in New Jersey. I went for a walk in a local park with Chris, my brother. I was in a pretty bad mood. Some shitty problems in my life. At one moment we saw an Asian man with a really cool hat, like the one Cousteau wore, holding his daughter by hand. Girl was telling her father some magic story. Seeing us, man smiled, waved at us and said HELLO!. Daughter did the same. At that moment my mood has changed completely. I felt so good. So real. And I wondered why in Russia we do not greet each other just like that? It's so simple and so useful. This is the easiest and perfect way to be closer and more important to each other. My father worked all his life to bring people together. He used music as his weapon. And I want to do the same, but for todays generation. And for those who are now in search of a reminder that we are all people, and really need each other. And I got the idea. I've always been interested in and actively studying how people dress. As fashion changes, as trends come and go, and how something long forgotten always comes back. I am a collector and I love clothing that carries a story. And I made a line of clothing, which will be a reminder of who we are and what we are to each other. I guess if ever I see two people in CHIPOODL, who saw each other, and said hello to each other because of my clothes - I will be happy.
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